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DEFI Token

Provide liquidity and earn daily dividends...

Earn up to 0.9% a day as dividends...

Earn 200 percent of your investment...


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Hold OPL tokens and increase your daily dividends...


A portion of your investment is added as a liquidity to OPL tokens on JustSwap, which generates revenue to pay your daily dividends.

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20% referral comission (split to 7 levels)


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Opals Tron


OPALS (OPL) is a TRC20 token created on the Tron Blockchain with a maximum supply of 32,000,000. The pre-sale happened between Sep 3, 2020 to Oct 3, 2020. Instead of burning the unsold tokens, the unsold tokens are added to the staking smart contract. Click here to see the proof. The tokens added to the staking smart contract cannot be used for any purpose, other than the staking rewards. 18,000,000 OPL were added to the smart contract to pay the staking rewards. Once 60% of the 18 Million OPL is paid as rewards, staking will be disabled permanently. People who have already staked, will continue to earn their staking rewards, until they earn the maximum allowed rewards. This assures a fair reward to everyone and the contract will not run out of OPL to pay the rewards. OPL can be traded on the JustSwap at the moment. In future, OPL will be listed in other leading exchanges.

You invest TRX in this smart contract and get back up to 200% of your investment. The dividend percentage depends upon the number of OPL you hold. If you do not have OPL or have less than 1000 OPL in your wallet, the daily dividends will be 0.30% a day. If you have more than 1000 OPL and less than 5000 OPL in your wallet, the daily dividends will be 0.60% a day. If you have above 5000 OPL in your wallet, the daily dividends will be 0.90% a day. Right from the time you invest, you start to earn dividends until you get back 200 percent of your TRX investment.

Benefits of OPL

Invest TRX for OPL liquidity and earn 200% of your investment.

Referral Commission

  • Level 18%
  • Level 2 4%
  • Level 33%
  • Level 42%
  • Level 51%
  • Level 61%
  • Level 71%
Note: If the sum of your total dividends and referral commission has reached 200 percent of your investment, the dividends will stop. You will still continue to earn referral commission, as long as you or your 7 level referrals refer new people.

Disclaimer & Risk Warning: Crypto or any Financial Investment has its own risk. Crypto Market is highly volatile and have more risks than any other financial markets. Plan your investment wisely and take only the risks that are affordable to you. Even though the business model is genuine and stable, you have to understand that the market is controlled by the traders and users of OPALS and it's not controlled by the founders or administrators of OPALS. By participating in any of the activities of OPALS, you agree to take the risks and understand and accept that the founders or administrators or developers or any of the team members of OPALS are not responsible for any of the losses you may incur. You also accept and agree that the OPALS or its founders or administrators or developers or any of the team members cannot be held liable (legal or illegal) for any of the losses you may incur by participating in any of the services provided by OPALS. OPALS and all its services are provided in as-is basis. If you do not accept this disclaimer, please do not participate in any of the services provided by OPALS.

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